The New Milford Police Auxiliary serve to assist the regular Police Department in times of civil or natural disasters. They are not authorized to carry weapons nor are they permitted to replace regular officers in their duties. They serve to assist with such tasks as traffic, crowd control, and desk operations in extreme emergencies. Auxiliary Police Officers patrol in a marked police vehicle and serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for the Police Department. Auxiliary Officers on occasion have answered first aid calls and assisted regular officers in non-emergency type calls. They also participate in disaster preparation drills.

Applications for the Auxiliary Police are available through P.O. Scott Petrie. All applicants must be a resident of New Milford with a valid N.J. driver's license and a clean criminal record. All perspective members will be fingerprinted for a criminal background investigation. All applicants must attend a 52 hr. Basic Training course at the Bergen County Police Academy which is conducted two nights a week until completion. Upon graduation all members must work at least 8 hrs. per month. Auxiliary Police Officers are not paid, but uniforms and equipment are supplied by the Borough

Any interested applicants should contact P.O. Scott Petrie at the New Milford Police Department, 930 River Rd., New Milford NJ 07646. (201) 261-1400 or FAX (201) 967-7460

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