There are approximately 7,000 bank robberies in the United States each year. The Level of violence that takes place during these robberies ranges from a note to a bank teller to the increasing number of "takeover" robberies in which everyone in a bank is threatened at gunpoint. Regardless of the means used, being robbed is terrifying to employees and customers because they know that there is always a potential for violence and they fear their safety.

It is with this thought in mind that the New Milford Police Department and five (5) local banks Summit, Oritani, First Union, Valley National and Hudson City in New Milford have formed a partnership called "Bank Watch." New Milford Bank Watch was formed through the cooperation of the local bank managers, bank security officers, the New Milford Detective Bureau and the Community policing Unit. An initial meeting was set up with this group to talk about security concerns and silent alarm response.

Workshops for tellers, managers and security officers were then formed to provide information and training about the impact a robbery has on an employee or customer, the investigation and prosecution of a bank robbery, security measures and available victims assistance services.

Workshops topics include:

  1. Before

  2. During

  3. After

In addition to the workshops, the bank and the Police Department have started a phone / fax chain to share information an criminal activity intelligence pertaining to banks in the New Milford area. If any of the banks or the police Department receives information regarding holdups, scams, credit card fraud, Atm crime, they will phone or fax information to the other agencies.

The New Milford Police Department enjoys the partnership of "Bank Watch" and the cooperation of all the banks, managers, tellers and security officers. The hope is that through this partnership, the safety of police officers, bank managers, tellers and customers will be enhanced.


New Milford Police Department