Crime Prevention Tips

  1. Replace locks on newly acquired residence.
  2. Install dead bolt or pin-tumbler locks on all outside doors.
  3. Install double cylinder locks on all outside doors that have glass panels
  4. Make sure all moldings fit tightly.
  5. Doors hinged inside prevents removal of pins from the outside .
  6. Install locks on all windows.
  7. Install a modern up-dated electronic security systems.
  8. Large amounts on money and other such valuables should not be left at home.
  9. Identify party at the door before allowing entrance to your home.
  10. Keep outside doors locked at all times.
  11. Keep garage and tool shed locked at all times.
  12. Remove shrubs and trees next to your house that can conceal a burglar breaking in.
  13. Avoid revealing your address and phone number to strangers.
  14. You make the call for strangers requesting to use your phone.
  15. Coats and purses of guests should be placed in a well secured room.
  16. Keep a written of record all valuables with serial numbers.
  17. Engrave your driver's license on all valuable property.
  18. Photographs valuables.
  19. Should an intruder's presence be detected, do not confront him/her, call the police.
  20. Do not enter your house if you see traces of forced entry, call the police.
  21. When retiring for the night, do not leave money or personal valuables exposed.
  22. Keep a nightlight at all outside entrances.
  23. Replace locks immediately if you lose your key.
  24. Separate the keys of your house and auto when leaving your car in parking lot.
  25. Don not have any identifications tags on your key ring.


  1. Create a lived in appearance to discourage intruders.
  2. Do not leave notes on doors for delivery men, this indicates your absence.
  3. Before departing, make sure all windows and doors are locked.
  4. Do not leave "hidden keys" lying around.
  5. By leaving a key with a trusted neighbor, he can periodically check your home.
  6. Have your lawn maintained during extended absence.
  7. Stop all mail and newspapers deliveries during extended absence.
  8. Do not publicize your extended absence.
  9. Inform local police of your plans.
  10. Arrange draperies, blinds and shades in normal position.
  11. Have a modern electronic security system stand guard.
  12. Acquire timers for radios and lights.
  13. Inform your trusted neighbor where you can be reached.
  14. Complete a Vacant House Form at the New Milford Police Department.