The New Milford NJ Drug Alliance Committee

Striving for a Healthy, Educated Community

930 River Road

New Milford, New Jersey 07646

The purpose of the New Milford Drug Alliance Committee is to encourage the community to practice healthy, drug-free living and to provide education and resources on the prevention of, recognition of, and consequences of substance abuse.

We strive through various community drug free activities, educational programs, financial support of community services, and now, access to this Web Page to assist New Milford residents in their goals to learn about and live substance abuse free lives.

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How to Volunteer

Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Durg Abuse


Please feel free to contact us by E-Mail with your questions, comments, suggestions or any other information related to substance abuse in the community.

Please address all correspondence relating to this page to the New Milford Drug Alliance Committee.

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