About the New Milford Drug Alliance Committee

At the present time, there are approximately fourteen volunteers on the committee and many other residents who volunteer for specific events and activities that the committee sponsors. These volunteers represent many facets of the community including Educators from New Milford Public Schools, Empolyees of the Borough, Police Officers, parents of children in New Milford, high school students, and other concerned citizens of New Milford.

The three main components of the Drug Alliance Committee are fundraising, education, and special events.

Fundraising is done for two purposes. Its first purpose is so that the Borough of New Milford can continue receiving grant money from the County and State Drug Alliance fund. The county provides New Milford with a grant each year to assist in achieving the goals of the committee. To receive grant money from the County, the committee must fundraise at least one quarter of the amount of the grant allotted to New Milford. For the past two years, New Milford has been successful in raising more money than is needed for the grant. The other purpose for fundraising is to assist the DARE (Police Officers entering the schools to educate students on substance abuse) program in New Milford.

The educational aspect of the committee is fulfilled through programs sponsored or supported by the committee. In 1996, our three educational programs were Parenting Classes offered to residents of New Milford, Community Policing and this Web Site. Parenting Classes will be outlined and information on how to attend the classes will be posted on this Web Site in the near future. Community Policing (which you can read about on this Web Site) is a program run by New Milford's Community Policing Officer, Sgt. William McGovern. Sgt.. McGovern teaches safety techniques, provides seminars on various topics and runs the Young Adult Explorers group in New Milford. The Web Site, co-sponsored by the New Milford Police Department, gives the community and the world an opportunity to interact with New Milford Police and the Drug Alliance Committee to learn about the community and have questions and comments dealing with substance abuse answered.

The final area that the Drug Alliance Committee deals with is providing the community with entertaining substance abuse free activities. Some activities are; Community Day, a Fishing Derby, Middle School and High School dances, a Carnival, Family Volleyball Marathons, and a Summer Basketball Tournament.

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