Borough of New Milford

Important Telephone Numbers

(201) 261-1400
Department of Public Works (201) 967-8172
Municipal Court (201) 967-5646
Board of Health (201) 967-7075
Borough Clerk (201) 967-5044
Building Inspector (201) 967-5415
Welfare (201) 967-7754
Tax Assessor (201) 967-7258
Tax Collector (201) 967-7360
Public Library (201) 262-1221
Recreation Commisson (201) 967-7069
Board of Education (201) 261-2952

Toll Free Numbers
Aids Hotline (US Public Health Services) 800-342-AIDS
Alcoholics Anonymous/Alanon/Alateen 800-252-6465
Alzheimer's Association 800-621-0379
Battered Women's Justice Project 800-903-0111
Bureau of Justice Assistance 800-688-4747
Bureau of Justice Statistic 800-732-3277
Child Help USA (Chid Abuse and Neglect) 800-422-4453
Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect 800-FYI-3366
Clearinghouse on Drug Information 800-788-2800
Clearinghouse of the Office for Drug-Free Neighborhoods 800-245-2691
Covenant House Nine line 800-999-9999
Domestic Violence Coalition on Family Violence 800-313-1310
Domestic Violence Coalition on Public Policy 800-525-1978
Federal Information Center 800-347-1997
Hate Crimes Hot line 800-347-HATE
Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence 800-313-1310
Hit Home National Runaway Hot line 800-448-4663
Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse 800-638-8736
MADD, National Office 800-438-6233
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 800-843-5678
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence 800-537-2238
National Runaway Switchboard 800-621-4000
Nation Victims Center 800-FYI-CALL
National Victims Resource Center 800-627-6872
NCJRS Bulletin Board 800-851-3420
Resource Center on Child Custody and Protection 800-527-3223

We hope these numbers assist you in obtaining the services you might desire. If you feel we can add other telephone numbers to better assist the community or if you have any other question and comments please feel free to e-mail us at any time.

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