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NEW!  The Borough of New Milford is pleased to announce the introduction of fillable forms allowing certain forms to be completed online AND for online payment submission as well. Check them out!

Forms marked with an asterisk (*) can be filled out and submitted online.

If you prefer to print the form and fill it out by hand, just click the printer icon to the left of the form.
Administrator / Clerk Forms
Application for Filming
Bingo Application
Block Party Application*
Citizen Leadership Form
Clothing Bin Permit Application*
Dumpster Permit Form*
Garage Sale Permit*
Landlord Registration Form*
Mail-In Ballot application
NJMV App for Temp Handicap Placard
NJMV App for Perm Handicap Placard
NMMA Waiver Form
No Knock Registration Form
Notice of Tort Claim Form
OPRA Request Form*
Party Affiliation Declaration Form
Raffle Affidavit
Raffle Application
Social Affair Application
Solicitors Permit*
Taxicab and/or Limousine Application
Tennis Court Key Application*
Street Opening Form*
Application for Massage License
Vacant Property Registration Form*
Voting Forms
Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) - This form is for absent Uniformed Service members, their families, and citizens residing outside the United States. It is used to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and update your contct information. 
Voter Registration Form-BC
Vote by Mail Application
Vote By Mail Opt Out Form
Building Department
When You Need a Permit Illustration
Building Permit Sub-Code Form
Construction Permit Jacket 
Construction Permit Appl - Form UCC-170l 
Construction Permit Checklist
CCO Checklist
CCO for Business / Commercial Use*
CCO / Residential Certificate of Occupancy App*
Demo Permit App & Requirements
DEP Jurisdictional Determination Application
Homeowner Doing Work - - Must be Signed
Soil Moving Permit (new homes/additions)
Sewer Line Connection, Easements, Cleanouts, Runoff Requirements *Important*
As Built Survey Ordinance
As Built Survey Requirements 
Basement Renovation Requirements
Chimney Verification for Fuel Fired Equipment
Clothing Bin Application*
Deck Requirements
Driveway, Sidewalk, Apron Permit Application*
Electric Permit Sub-Code Form
Fence Permit Application*
Fire Permit Application Sub-Code Form
Fire Safety Permit - Type 1 $42.00
Generator Signage - must be signed
Generator Electric Requirements
Landscaper Registration Application
Massage License Application
Plumbing Permit Sub-Code Form
Portable Storage Container Permit Application
Real Estate Directional Sign & Open House Permit Appn
Real Estate Form
Solar Panel Ordinance
Tree Permit Application
W-9 IRS Form
Zoning Forms

Zoning Worksheet required for ZB Application*
Zoning Board Application
Front Yard Impervious Work Sheet*

Front Yard Worksheet*
Zoning Instruction Sheet
Zoning Limitations Schedule
Zoning Swimming Pool

 Municipal Court Forms
Certification in Support of Probable Cause
Complaint Information Form
Health Department Forms
Application for Certified Copy
Food License Application
Marriage Application
2021 Pet License Application
Animal Control (Tyco)
Non-Genealogical Vital Records Application
Mid Bergen Release Form
Planning Board Files/Forms
PB Application
Rules of the Planning Board
Master Plan Update 5/2014
Map 1 - Zoning
Map 2 - Land Use Plan
Map 3 - Transportation
Map 4 - Open Space
Map 5 - Historic
NM Master Plan Amend. 6/29/12
NM Land Use Plan 2010
NM Master Plan 6/7/10
NM Housing Element/
Fair Share Plan 11/17/08
NM Master Plan 5/25/04
NM Housing Element 8/25/06
NM Stormwater
Management Plan 3/07

Stormwater Management Resolution
Police Department Forms
Firearms Permit
Victim Property Loss Report
Resident / Business Emergency Response Form
ID Theft Affidavit
Emergency Response Form
Tax Department
A-1 - Petition of Appeal
AA-1  Add/Omit Petition of Appeal
D.V.S.S.E.  Application by a 100% disabled Veteran for Exemption
V.S.S.  Application for Property Tax Deduction by Veteran
Supp.D.V.S.S.E./V.S.S.  Supplemental Form for D.V.S.S.E. or V.S.S.
PTD  App for Tax Deduction by a Senior or Disabled or Surviving Spouse
PTD-S1  Supplemental form for PTD