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Rent Leveling Board

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Powers and Duties:

The Rent Leveling Board shall have and exercise all powers necessary and appropriate to carry out and execute the purpose of the Rent Leveling ordinance including but not limited to:

  • Issue and promulgate such rules and regulations as it deems necessary to implement the purposes of the Board
  • Supply information and assistance to landlords and tenants to help them comply
  • Hold hearings and adjudicate applications from landlords for additional rental
  • Hold hearings and adjudicate complaints by tenants concerning violations of rental and tax surcharge provisions
  • Hold hearings and adjudicate applications from tenants for reduce rental
  • Review and adjudicate charges of tenant harassment

About the Board:

The Rent Leveling Board consists of two landlord representatives, two tenants, and one resident homeowner of the municipality, all appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council.  All members serve for one year and until their successors are appointed.  In addition to the regular members, the Mayor may appoint three alternates: one landlord, one tenant, and one resident homeowner of the Borough, with the consent of the Council.


Members (Landlord)   Term
Jack Linefsky  12/31/20
Anthony Lauro  12/31/20
Members (Tenant)  
Bob Ryan 12/31/20
Steve Perrone 12/31/20
Members (Resident)  
Michele Roth  12/31/20
Lisa R. Aljian, Esq.  12/31/20
Members (Alternates)  
Vanessa Hurley (H)  12/31/20
Doreen Doku (L)  12/31/20
Art Castronova (T)  12/31/20

Councilman Matthew Seymour, Liaison

Meeting Dates:

2020 Rent Leveling Board meetings will be held on the following dates starting at 7:00 PM.
April 2, June 4, September 3, and October 1