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Historic Preservation Commission

Mission Statement:

The New Milford Historic Preservation Commission is charged with preserving the integrity of the borough's historic heritage as the birthplace of Bergen County through preservation and archiving of buildings, land, and items of historic value; through research into the people, events, and locations that have formed that history, through public education programs for all ages, and through commendations for borough residents and organizations that have aided this mission.

About the Commission:

The New Milford Historic Preservation Commission is composed of 10 members and a borough historian serving four-year terms and divided into three classes of membership, including homeowners of historic structures, general membership, and one member with a great understanding of history and building structure.

It operates under Ordinance #88:7 that designates historic properties in the borough, and which had been approved by borough council in 1988. However, in addition to its mission to preserve historic structures and areas in the borough, the commission has also stressed its dual role of researching borough history from the first landing of the Demarest family, an event that made New Milford the birthplace of Bergen County, through the various changes that took the area from an agricultural base to the suburban, small town feel it now possesses. 

The commission has also taken to heart its role in educating residents about the town's history, whether  that be through annual birthday party events, poster and other contests for young people, workshops in schools, or through the production of historic cookbooks or DVD's.  For its efforts, it has twice been honored by the Bergen County Office of Historic and Cultural Affairs.

It maintains an archive of historic photos and other memorabilia in the New Milford Public Library, and has also posted weatherproof historic signs designating the homes on the borough ordinance.  it looks forward to continuing its work for the citizens and welcomes comments and proposals.


Members Term Class
Cynthia Forster 12/31/20 A
Nancy Varretoni - Chair 12/31/22 B
Michael Perrone 12/31/20 B
Vivian Davis 12/31/21 C
Darlene Minko (Unexp.) 12/31/19 C
Alex Tsakalis-Rey - Treasurer 12/31/19 C
Bob Ryan 12/31/22 C
Lisa Purcell 12/31/20 C
Al Carbone-Vice Chairperson 12/31/22 C
 Members (Alternates)   Term  
Louis Macario                                                   12/31/19      C
Janet Grotsky  12/31/20      C

Councilwoman Thea Sirocchi-Hurley, Liaison

Meeting Dates:

Second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at Borough Hall, with exception of December, July, and August.  August meeting will be a public information booth and display at National Night Out – in which the Borough of New Milford participates.

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